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Quadtastrophe Geocache Event
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Author:  Freewill [ Tue Aug 24, 2010 6:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Quadtastrophe Geocache Event

Quadtastrophe Geocache
Date/Time: At your leisure during the Quadtastrophy weekend.

The Qusadtastroph eGeocache consists of three caches. Each cache is a medium sized tupper-ware type of container. Each container contains a log book along with invaluable items for any quadtasrophic skater (such as socks, toe guards and other quad skating gear). The three caches are located along the Spring Water Trail between the Oaks Park Hangar and the Steele Bridge along the Eastside Esplanade.

So, are you asking yourself, "What's a geocache?" Well, don't be intimated. Geocache is a world-wide treasuring hunting game played with a simple GPS unit. To learn more about geocache, go to http://www.geocache.com.

These three gecocaches have been placed to let you enjoy a gaming activity while participating in an outdoor Quadtastrophe event; so, don't forget to bing along a simple GPS unit to play. You should not have to take off your skates to reach each geocache. Please sign the log books, take an item and replace what you take with something that will be useful to other quadtastrophic skaters.

More information on each geocache will be posted to this forum thread as well as to the geocache website. More to follow...

Author:  Freewill [ Fri Aug 27, 2010 6:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Quadtastrophe Geocache Event

Here they are...

Quadtastrophe #1
N 45 28.299
W 122 39.671
High Rollers!
Near the home of the Rose City Rollers and Portland Men's Roller Derby, the High Rollers cache is dedicated to this past season's champions. Anything on wheels at this location can be considered a high roller. Please sign and date the log book.
First to Find: Choose from new socks or toe shields or a PMRD sicker.
Hint: Over... under... reach up high.

Quadtastrophe #2
N 45 28.861
W 122 39.273
You crack me up!
There are no cracks on the skating trail, but there sure are a lot of cracks around this cache. Please sign and date the log book.
First to Find: Choose from new socks or toe shields or a PMRD sticker.
Hint: Go under and then look up.

Quadtastrophe #3
N 45 28.206
W 122 39.258
A family that skates together... stays together!
Placed in a perfect roller skating neighborhood. The City of Portland just repaved sevearl main streets in this neighborhood to make roller skating even better. This cache is placed on private property with the permission of the owners, so please step lightly.
First to Find: Choose from new socks or toe shields or a PMRD sticker.
Hint: If you see a classic car, then you are close; this pole has bean standing here way too long.

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